Growing CBA’s endowment is an important component of the Forever CBA campaign. With a combined goal of $5,550,000, the campaign’s endowment target represents 40% of the overall campaign effort. More than $4,800,000 has already been raised, for endowed scholarship funds, the general endowment, or faculty and program endowments. We are grateful for the outstanding generosity of the donors who have made these contributions.

What’s an Endowment?

An endowment is a pool of charitable gifts that is permanently invested and earns interest and income. A portion of the earnings is spent each year according to the donor’s intentions, while extra earnings are re-invested so the fund grows over time.

Endowment funds can underwrite everything from scholarships to programs to infrastructure, while keeping tuition within reach of deserving students and their families.


Endowment (in millions)

Delbarton — $10
Seton Hall Prep — $15
CBA — $29
Fordham Prep — $41
St. Peter’s — $57


CBA — $17,650
Seton Hall Prep — $19,950
St. Peter’s — $19,997
Fordham Prep — $20,320
Delbarton — $38,900