Dear Parents, Alumni and Supporters of CBA,

As we continue down the final stretch of the Forever CBA capital campaign, it’s time to pause and express our most sincere gratitude. First and foremost, a thanks to our generous donors, who have given selflessly, no doubt sacrificing something to assist us in securing our future at CBA.

Secondly, the incredible team of professionals and volunteers who devoted countless hours throughout the campaign to achieve unprecedented results, in spite of many challenges due to the pandemic.

The finish line is in sight, yet we are not quite ready to cross it. In spite of the fact that we have exceeded our initial goal by almost 50 percent, the cost for capital projects has tripled since the beginning of the campaign, and our team will endeavor to close this gap.

We encourage the entire community to assist us, and make one last kick to the finish line, and we thank you again for helping us achieve this incredible milestone.

Don Norkus ’67
Campaign Chairman